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Back to reality. Last weekend was a blast. My energy was maxed out because I did a lot of stuff, but it was fun though. We went to my good friend Aeibie’s place in Mabini, Batangas and enjoyed the bonfire by the beach while we were eating, drinking, listening to some good music and swapping stories.


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May 17, 2011 at 6:28 am

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Ready for the summer.

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It’s officially summer.Today is the last day of February,and I’m very much hyped about this summer.Why?Because I’m hoping to enjoy my summer this year.Last year,I practically spent half of summer in Kuala Lumpur.Now,I’m planning to spend it road tripping and swimming.

I was checking out old photos of my crew during our summer escapades.Our photo collection includes pictures from Puerto Galera,Ligpo Island,Bisita Iglesia and a whole lot more.It was kind of a tradition to us,to go to the beach during summer to escape from reality and have a good time.And actually,I miss those times because we don’t do that anymore.I’m just really excited because I just heard that they’re planning to go to Puerto Galera again this summer.The last time I was there was back in 2009 I guess.I kinda missed the place.Puerto Galera is approximately an hour boat ride from Batangas City that’s why it’s really easy for us to go there but I keep thinking why we don’t do that more often.We organized Puerto Galera trips every summer since 2005 except on 2007 when we went to Ligpo Island,a resort situated on a big rock in the middle of the ocean,located in San Luis,Batangas.

Aside from beach trips,we also organize yearly Bisita Iglesia during Holy Week.I like the fact that I can take pictures of different churches during a spiritual trip.And I like the food whenever we stop by Tagaytay to have our late lunch or early dinner.

This picture was taken during our first puerto trip back in 2005.

After a few weeks,we went back.

I can’t find photos from our 2006 trip.So we’ll skip it and proceed to our Ligpo Island adventure.

We went back to puerto in 2008 twice.Our first trip was in January.The next one was in May.

January 2008.

May 2008.

The last set of pictures are from our Puerto Galera trip in 2009.

Up next,pictures from our yearly Bisita Iglesia.

Bisita Iglesia 2005.

Bisita Iglesia pictures from 2006 and 2007 are missing.I probably don’t have a copy of those anymore.

Bisita Iglesia 2008.

We always do the same routine,we’ll visit churches from Batangas City all the way to Tagaytay and back.

Bisita Iglesia 2009.

Our last Bisita Iglesia was before I left for Kuala Lumpur last 2010.

Hopefully,we’ll be able to do both.


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February 28, 2011 at 9:40 am