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(This review contains some spoilers so if you still haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest you stop reading this now… or, whatever.)

Today, let’s talk about the latest franchise of Marvel’s X-Men. Last Sunday, I was invited by 2 of my high school friends to watch the movie. I’d have to say, X-Men: First Class was entertaining. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, I got tons of collectible cards, and I never missed an episode when they were still airing the Uncanny X-Men. I even bought a dvd compilation of the series.

Now, I’m here to point out some concerns from the people who have seen the film. I heard a lot of different opinions about the movie and here are some of them:

*X-Men: First Class came out strong though the cast aren’t the usual Hollywood big shots.

*A cameo appearance from Hugh Jackman was unexpected. I heard a lot of excited giggles from the audience after the scene.

*I really appreciated how they managed to give the movie a 1960’s feel.

*It was awesome seeing how Xavier and Magneto came together as a team and fell apart because of their differences.

*I think a lot of comic book fans would agree with me on this: It’s not smart to enlist Havoc as one of the first members of the X-Men. For those of you who don’t have an idea with what I’m trying to say, Havoc, or Alex Summers, is Cyclops’ younger brother.

*I think the movie was a bit long for the non-X-Men fans.


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