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The hungry travelers

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Like i said, “I will be back”, and I did came back. My 7 day vacation in KL and SG was a blast though i wasn’t able to shop that much. Instead, i feast on some of Malaysia and Singapore’s best restaurants. I devoured nasi lemak, chicken rice, bakute, chicken wings, chicken rendang, mi goreng, teppanyaki, steak, satay and a whole lot more. I probably gain weight after my week long vacation.

Aside from the food, I got to travel a lot like a travel and living show host and take pictures of the places.

First meal in Kuala Lumpur

 Teppanyaki is the shiznit!

This is the place where we ate mi goreng.

At JUSCO. Near our place.

Gotta fight to eat! (Singapore)


Jalan Alor’s famous chicken wings. Childhood memories relived here.

The LEGENDARY steamboat.

Rendezvous Steakhouse.

Food Republic at Vivo City, Singapore.


Written by ballpenriot

November 11, 2011 at 7:08 am

I will be back.

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Right now,I’m reminiscing about my last stay in KL.I went there to look for work but it ¬†just looked like I went there for a month’s vacation.It was my third time there.The first one was back in 1993 when we went there for our first summer vacation outside the country.That time,my father was still working there.Then my second time was back in 2004.I went there alone.My father and I applied for a US visa,unfortunately,before I even get to be interviewed,I had to go back because classes are about to start.My father was lucky enough to be granted for 10 year multiple visa.

My stay in Kuala Lumpur for the third time was actually kind of awesome.I stayed at my father’s friend’s place.My first night there,I was already homesick.I managed to hack a neighbor’s WIFI password.I would wake up late in the afternoon and watch television all day.Whenever I get bored,I would go for a walk,feast on different kinds of dishes,go to the mall,and sometimes,I even get to drink by myself.It’s liberating for me.My independence taught me to become more responsible.I also got the chance to meet some of my father’s friends there.I even got the chance to buy some graphic novels there.If I’ll be given another chance to go there,it’ll be purely be for pleasure.I miss Malaysia.I miss Kuala Lumpur.

Written by ballpenriot

February 24, 2011 at 10:12 am