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Man VS Fish

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We found ourselves a new hobby.

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been fascinated with the art of fishing. I grew up near a river where a lot of locals’ favorite past time is fishing. Early in the morning, people gather by the riverside with their rods and baits and spend the whole day fishing. Whoever catches the biggest fish goes home with a bragging right and a delicious dinner. There even came a time when fishing was so big, they had to organize a tournament that was held in Tabangao, Batangas City.¬†Complete with a committee, boats and coast guards, the tournament pushed through. The contest was sponsored by San Miguel Beer and people around the country joined.

Then, we moved to a new house. I’ve forgotten everything about it. My memories were triggered by a friend of mine a few days ago when he asked me to join him on a fishing trip near Philippine Ports Authority. Our first fishing trip and both of us caught a fish. After that, a lot of our buddies became interested with it and wanted to join the next fishing trip. I even asked my brother from Canada to bring our father’s fishing rod when he goes home for his vacation this coming July.

These pictures were taken in during our fishing trips in Pinamucan, Batangas and near PPA.


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May 27, 2011 at 7:04 am

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A celebration of life

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Today is my day.I thank the Lord for another year in my life.Today i will start celebrating life and document each and every important or not so important events in my life through this blog.

Since last week,i’ve been busy celebrating my birthday.There’s VEVSDEOKE,my friday night celebration,and last night.And i don’t know what’s in store for me later.

VEVSDEOKE is like a day long celebration of whatever there is to celebrate.Held at my friend Vevelyn Solis’ place,we feast on food and drinks all through the night and sing our favorite videoke hits.It started as a normal get together of high school friends.We eventually branched out and started inviting other batchmates,kinda like a mini-reunion.Last week,VEVSDEOKE was entirely dedicated to the January boys(Adrian Eje,Jordan Garcia,Mark Dwayne Ortega and Me).Too bad my good friend Adrian wasn’t able to attend the party due to his work.

Dwayne(one of the celebrants),Aebie,Ryan and Me(one of the celebrants).

VJ,Jordan(one of the celebrants) and Dwayne.

Dwayne and Me.

Aebie,Vevs and Rich.

My brother Chicco and Bok.

the gang.

Last friday,i decided to celebrate my birthday early because my schedule was fully booked.I invited some of my closest friends and we spent the rest of the night drinking at home.After the session,i dunno what they where thinking but we¬†just came up with this idea to go on a road trip to Nuvali.The original plan was to go to Tagaytay but we decided to go to Nuvali instead because it might be difficult to travel to Tagaytay at night specially with my buddy’s blink van.Haha.You’ll see what i mean.

Tin and Lemuel.

Dexter and Jordan.

Jordan,Chicco and Richard.

Poly,Ger,Chicco,Lemuel and Joseph.

the gang at petron star tollway.


Last night was different.I was with my BBM friends,haha,actually they’re 3 years younger than me but we all came from the same high school and we eventually became good friends.We had shabu shabu at Lala’s place.Then me and my brother headed to Alfresco to meet some of my friends.Too bad i wasn’t able to bring my camera at Alfresco.

Lala,Mika,Me,Jordan,Ruth and Meka.

At Lala’s Dainty Nails.

I think it’s just right to celebrate life the way it was suppose to be.Hoping for more birthdays to come.

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January 30, 2011 at 9:37 am

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