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Ready for the summer.

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It’s officially summer.Today is the last day of February,and I’m very much hyped about this summer.Why?Because I’m hoping to enjoy my summer this year.Last year,I practically spent half of summer in Kuala Lumpur.Now,I’m planning to spend it road tripping and swimming.

I was checking out old photos of my crew during our summer escapades.Our photo collection includes pictures from Puerto Galera,Ligpo Island,Bisita Iglesia and a whole lot more.It was kind of a tradition to us,to go to the beach during summer to escape from reality and have a good time.And actually,I miss those times because we don’t do that anymore.I’m just really excited because I just heard that they’re planning to go to Puerto Galera again this summer.The last time I was there was back in 2009 I guess.I kinda missed the place.Puerto Galera is approximately an hour boat ride from Batangas City that’s why it’s really easy for us to go there but I keep thinking why we don’t do that more often.We organized Puerto Galera trips every summer since 2005 except on 2007 when we went to Ligpo Island,a resort situated on a big rock in the middle of the ocean,located in San Luis,Batangas.

Aside from beach trips,we also organize yearly Bisita Iglesia during Holy Week.I like the fact that I can take pictures of different churches during a spiritual trip.And I like the food whenever we stop by Tagaytay to have our late lunch or early dinner.

This picture was taken during our first puerto trip back in 2005.

After a few weeks,we went back.

I can’t find photos from our 2006 trip.So we’ll skip it and proceed to our Ligpo Island adventure.

We went back to puerto in 2008 twice.Our first trip was in January.The next one was in May.

January 2008.

May 2008.

The last set of pictures are from our Puerto Galera trip in 2009.

Up next,pictures from our yearly Bisita Iglesia.

Bisita Iglesia 2005.

Bisita Iglesia pictures from 2006 and 2007 are missing.I probably don’t have a copy of those anymore.

Bisita Iglesia 2008.

We always do the same routine,we’ll visit churches from Batangas City all the way to Tagaytay and back.

Bisita Iglesia 2009.

Our last Bisita Iglesia was before I left for Kuala Lumpur last 2010.

Hopefully,we’ll be able to do both.



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February 28, 2011 at 9:40 am

Silver for EDSA

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Today is the 25th anniversary of People Power Revolution.25th year of Philippines’ independence,25 years since the people of the Philippines dethroned the late president,Ferdinand Marcos.Almost every tv shows are about the said event.It’s very nostalgic to once again hear the music of EDSA,the stories behind it,and watch the videos and movies about it.

EDSA People Power is one of the most interesting,most colorful and most touching event in the Philippine history.Millions of people rallied along the street of EDSA,soldiers,religious and political figures included.Filipino musicians and celebrities also participated the rally that ended Marcos’ regime.I was only 2 years old during that time.And based from the stories that I heard,EDSA People Power is like a miracle waiting to happen.The stories never fail to amaze me,like how millions of prayers stopped tanks,how the “best” president of the Philippines was exiled,how lives were lost.

It would be hard for me to actually take a stand if i’ll have to choose between Marcos and Aquino.During that time,people were fed up with the current government.How could they not be?A lot of things were forbidden during that time,during Martial Law.And the people need something new,something fresh.Then came Ninoy,the heart and soul of EDSA revolution.His assassination was enough to ignite a spark on every Filipinos hearts,and made them realized that enough is enough.His assassination led the Filipino to come marching all the way to EDSA to pour their hearts out and take what’s theirs.But in fairness to the late president Ferdinand Marcos,he was a great president.During his regime,our country is a whole lot richer,and I guess people were afraid to commit crimes because of him.According to some people,it was his wife who corrupted his mind.I don’t really know.I’m not aware of what really is happening during that time.

In my opinion,both have flaws,and both have their good points too.


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February 25, 2011 at 1:59 pm

I will be back.

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Right now,I’m reminiscing about my last stay in KL.I went there to look for work but it ┬ájust looked like I went there for a month’s vacation.It was my third time there.The first one was back in 1993 when we went there for our first summer vacation outside the country.That time,my father was still working there.Then my second time was back in 2004.I went there alone.My father and I applied for a US visa,unfortunately,before I even get to be interviewed,I had to go back because classes are about to start.My father was lucky enough to be granted for 10 year multiple visa.

My stay in Kuala Lumpur for the third time was actually kind of awesome.I stayed at my father’s friend’s place.My first night there,I was already homesick.I managed to hack a neighbor’s WIFI password.I would wake up late in the afternoon and watch television all day.Whenever I get bored,I would go for a walk,feast on different kinds of dishes,go to the mall,and sometimes,I even get to drink by myself.It’s liberating for me.My independence taught me to become more responsible.I also got the chance to meet some of my father’s friends there.I even got the chance to buy some graphic novels there.If I’ll be given another chance to go there,it’ll be purely be for pleasure.I miss Malaysia.I miss Kuala Lumpur.

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February 24, 2011 at 10:12 am

Ninja say what?!

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Asians are big right now.You would agree,right?That whole Asian persuasion,the swag(style we Asians got) thing.Damn right,we’re dominating the game right now.I’m not actually hating other brothers,it’s just that it’s our time to shine.Give us the stage and we’ll step up.I know a lot of my Asian brothers all over the world are proud to be one,we have every right to be proud of.

Koreans got the whole KPOP thing going on right now.And it’s not just big,it’s GINORMOUS!

Japanese brothers still got their Japanese thing to be proud of.Japanese cars,Japanese fashion,Anime and a whole lot more.

Chinese and their ever-famous Chinese food,their heritage and their world-wide influence.

Thai food and Muay Thai from out Thai brothers.

We Filipinos got wonderful musicians like APL DE AP,Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda of Journey.We also got Nonito Donaire and the one and only Manny Pacquiao.We also have a very rich history of our country.I just hate it when our race are stereotyped as third world criminals.We Asians are more than that.We are better than that.Asians excel in a lot of things.

I would like to extend my apologies to my other Asian brothers.If I’ll go babbling about our achievements and trademarks,this entry will be finished after a year.Hope you understand.

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February 23, 2011 at 1:48 pm

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Sex talk

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We’re currently in a middle of a drinking session and guess what our topic is all about,SEX.Hahaha.My buddy right here is a real perv.I asked him if he can go on for a month without sex or without pleasuring himself.He said it’s impossible.What do you think?I think it is possible.It’s really really hard.But it’s possible.

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February 23, 2011 at 12:55 pm

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street crowns

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One thing about me is that I like to wear caps and hats.The last time I purchased a cap was when I was in Kuala Lumpur last year,I got a Nixon cap from KLCC.And I’ve been thinking if its about time to get a new one.I asked my youngest brother who’s still in Canada to get me a beanie.I saw this rad RVCA beanie a year ago at Stoked Inc. but wasn’t able to buy it that time.When i got back,its gone.

I’m also thinking of getting a Brixton hat,even before Bruno Mars was seen wearing one when he made an appearance on Travie McCoy’s Billionaire music video.

How about a Supreme cap?I was like,whoa awesome cap!when I first saw it,I just can’t remember where.

I’ll just check them out on ebay i guess.

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February 23, 2011 at 6:23 am

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four time’s a charm

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A couple of entries ago,I’ve mentioned that my family is in Canada.They’ve been staying there for more than 3 years already.And since I was the only one here,all I did was apply for a visa.I don’t know why but the embassy denied my application thrice.I’m pretty I don’t look like a terrorist,and obviously,I don’t plan on staying there for good because I have everything here.

The thing is,I talked to my mom yesterday and we talked about the business they’re planning,the possibility of me taking up culinary,and another application for a visa.This time,if ever I’ll be granted with a visa,I’ll visit Canada with my lola(if they’ll grant her a visa too).That’s why right now,while I was writing this entry,I’m checking out their site.

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February 23, 2011 at 5:38 am

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