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A celebration of life

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Today is my day.I thank the Lord for another year in my life.Today i will start celebrating life and document each and every important or not so important events in my life through this blog.

Since last week,i’ve been busy celebrating my birthday.There’s VEVSDEOKE,my friday night celebration,and last night.And i don’t know what’s in store for me later.

VEVSDEOKE is like a day long celebration of whatever there is to celebrate.Held at my friend Vevelyn Solis’ place,we feast on food and drinks all through the night and sing our favorite videoke hits.It started as a normal get together of high school friends.We eventually branched out and started inviting other batchmates,kinda like a mini-reunion.Last week,VEVSDEOKE was entirely dedicated to the January boys(Adrian Eje,Jordan Garcia,Mark Dwayne Ortega and Me).Too bad my good friend Adrian wasn’t able to attend the party due to his work.

Dwayne(one of the celebrants),Aebie,Ryan and Me(one of the celebrants).

VJ,Jordan(one of the celebrants) and Dwayne.

Dwayne and Me.

Aebie,Vevs and Rich.

My brother Chicco and Bok.

the gang.

Last friday,i decided to celebrate my birthday early because my schedule was fully booked.I invited some of my closest friends and we spent the rest of the night drinking at home.After the session,i dunno what they where thinking but we just came up with this idea to go on a road trip to Nuvali.The original plan was to go to Tagaytay but we decided to go to Nuvali instead because it might be difficult to travel to Tagaytay at night specially with my buddy’s blink van.Haha.You’ll see what i mean.

Tin and Lemuel.

Dexter and Jordan.

Jordan,Chicco and Richard.

Poly,Ger,Chicco,Lemuel and Joseph.

the gang at petron star tollway.


Last night was different.I was with my BBM friends,haha,actually they’re 3 years younger than me but we all came from the same high school and we eventually became good friends.We had shabu shabu at Lala’s place.Then me and my brother headed to Alfresco to meet some of my friends.Too bad i wasn’t able to bring my camera at Alfresco.

Lala,Mika,Me,Jordan,Ruth and Meka.

At Lala’s Dainty Nails.

I think it’s just right to celebrate life the way it was suppose to be.Hoping for more birthdays to come.


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January 30, 2011 at 9:37 am

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I remember during my sophomore year in high school,me and my buddy went to this place in Lipa City,Batangas.The place is called Big Ben.It’s like an arcade.It houses boutiques,a billiard hall,a few fastfood joints and some stalls.I remember back then,that was 1998,there was a comic book stall.I grew up admiring comic book characters and cartoon characters.I was an 80’s kid.Nothing like the kids today growing up playing PS3’s and Xbox360’s.So there we were,checking out comic books.i remember back then,we originally planned to purchase the death of superman.Then i noticed a couple of comic books close to where the death of superman was located.The comic book’s title is Stone.I did some research and i found out that it was created by a Filipino comic book artist named Whilce Portacio.I was immediately interested with it.It had a Filipino touch in it because the main character’s nemesis are all taken from Filipino Folklore like aswang,manananggal and kapre.So when i got the chance to go back there,i looked for the comics again.To bad they don’t have copies anymore.After more than a decade,i decided to continue collecting comics and graphic novels.I was just wondering if i can still find copies of the comic book.

Big Ben,Lipa,Batangas


The Death of Superman




My fellow comic book fans,i need your help in locating this comic book.Thanks.

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January 28, 2011 at 6:29 am

crazy human torch news

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Have you heard the news?Marvel is killing Johnny Storm(a.k.a Human Torch) of the Fantastic Four.A lot of fans are definitely not happy about this.I don’t know what the guys at Marvel are planning but killing a very old character like him is a drastic move.Debuted in November 1961,Fantastic Four is a team of scientist that got their powers during a scientific mission.The team is composed of 4 individuals,Mr. Fantastic(Reed Richards),Invisible Woman(Sue Storm),Human Torch(Johnny Storm) and the Thing(Ben Grimm).

I have a few theories myself on why they decided to end Johnny’s character but i have to say i still think this move will ignite hundreds of debates in the geek world,the world where i belong.For now i’ll keep my mouth shut and wait for the inevitable.haha.

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January 27, 2011 at 4:25 pm

in the span of one month

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i’ve been busy surfing the internet the whole day.come to think of it,this was the longest time i stayed at home since i moved here at my relatives’ place.fever did this to me.haha.for the past couple of days,all i did was sleep,read,watch tv,surf the net and BBM friends.i had creepy and weird dreams while i was sick.some of them i can’t even remember.i reread some of my comic books again because i had to feel preoccupied,i hate being bored.i was channel surfing almost all the a couple of classic pinoy comedy flicks and a few action movies,plenty of horror,and a number of informative last 3 sick days,i spent surfing the net looking for a job,answering emails,reading articles and blogs,and watching videos.

sometimes i think getting sick is way better.why?because i get to enjoy a lot of perks.and because watching tv is one of those perks i enjoyed the most,the tube is always open,almost 24/7.the problem is,i’ve watched a lot of news and a lot of them aren’t good.specially the local news here in the philippines.

2 days ago,a bus exploded along EDSA,severing some of its passengers.

(photo from yahoo)


really devastating.and just earlier today,an accident occured in a condominium being developed in the makati area when a scaffolding fell apart causing the death of 9 workers.what’s happening to our’s just the first month of the year and already,we are bombarded with saddening news.a couple of days ago,carnapping and kidnapping were all over the,this is what’s on the news.i just wish we can just close our eyes and make everything go away that easy.

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January 27, 2011 at 4:02 pm

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what to get on my birthday?

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i need expert opinion on this matter.i’ll be celebrating my birthday next week and i don’t know what to get.i’m torn between a fixie and a mountain bike.i seriously need to shape up but evey time i enroll in a gym,i would only go there once or twice a month.that’s when i realized i badly needed a’s a dual purpose thing for me.i can work out and have fun at the same time.i know everyone knows what a mountain bike,for those of you who aren’t familiar with a fixie or a fixed gear bike,check this out.

here’s a picture of a mountain bike.sporty isn’t it?


and this is what cool guys refer to as fixie or fixed gear bike.


i know a fixie is really vintage looking but i think it’s cool.i can display it at home whenever i don’t feel like cruising the streets with a bike anymore.i’m just curious i can count on it’s durability.what do you think?



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January 27, 2011 at 11:30 am

surfing the net with my buddy

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jollibee yum burger with cheese.

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January 27, 2011 at 10:27 am

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Let’s start the murdering!

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hmmm…i was thinking twice about creating a blog here.i dunno,maybe because i had a lot of blogs and creating another one here will just be an addition to my growing obsession with blogging.the thing is,i want to create a personal blog,my official blog.and my wasted hours of surfing blogs led me here.coincidence?probably.but one thing’s for sure.i will take this blog more seriously and i will exert a little more effort in creating blog entries.

WordPress,you will be my will witness my silly will enjoy the diversity of life within me.for the next couple of days,months,and maybe years,you and i will be very,very good friends.LET’S START THE MURDERING!!!

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January 27, 2011 at 10:13 am

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